Personal Spirituality

I believe in and practice personal spirituality. Use your intuition to apply what resonates with you to your practice. I do not believe in any one true way. There are many ways. I’m not the Buddha and you’re not me, so feel free to experiment and find what works for you.

If Witchcraft resonates with you but so does Buddhism or Daoism, they can be combined. You can make use of the best of all spiritual paths. You must figure out what works for your own spirit and personality. I believe my spiritual journey has guided me to experience many types of religion and spirituality that have resulted in my own personal belief system. I am a Witch, but that is just one part of who I am. My spirit and soul are so much more than that. I love all the spiritual traditions that have enriched my life and I use them in whatever way they will benefit me. I also discard what does not work for me.

  • What is a witch? A witch is a person who understands, respects, and honors the Earth and Nature. A witch believes in all forms of life and works to understand them. A witch works with Nature to help heal themself and others, plants and animals included.
  • What is a healer? A healer is a person who has learned to heal the body, mind, and soul. A healer works with spiritual energy from the Earth and the Universe. A healer uses this energy to heal themselves and others.
  • What is a shaman? A shaman is a person who works with spirits and guides to help heal the body, mind, and soul. A shaman travels in other worlds to bring back information for healing.
  • What is a metaphysician? A metaphysician is a person who works with the subtle energy of thought patterns and beliefs. A metaphysician helps people change their thoughts, feelings, and beliefs to help them feel better in all areas of life.
  • What is a Buddhist? A Buddhist is a person who practices Buddhism. They believe in reincarnation and practice nonviolence towards all living beings.
  • What is a mystic? A mystic is someone who experiences the presence of God in everyday life. A mystic looks for glimpses of God’s love and guidance everywhere.
  • What is a Druid? Druids believe in reincarnation, nature worship, and nonviolence towards all living beings.
  • What is a Wiccan? Wiccans believe in reincarnation, nature worship, and nonviolence towards all living beings.

I believe I am all of these, yet I am none of them because I am unique. Who and what I am is a combination of them all that occurred as I journeyed through life. Because I know this can happen to all of us, I cannot judge the path of another. I cannot judge and you cannot judge because the journey belongs only to the individual. We can only learn from each other, listen, consider, and then incorporate or reject what we witness. No matter what spiritual path we choose or reject, it is no one else’s business. Keep it to yourself if you must so that you can grow with it free from criticism. Let it flower and enrich your life. It will. If you choose to share it with the world, the challenges you encounter will be part of the journey. You cannot do it wrong.