Moon Witch

Some believe there is magic associated with the Moon and working rituals during different phases of the moon can bring about change. One who may call themself a Moon Witch focuses daily life and their spiritual practices around those moon phases. We already know that the moon can affect activities on earth in various ways, such as the tides, menstrual cycles, emergency room activity, and increased police response. A moon witch uses these phases to influence this energy around her or him to manifest balance or to benefit from the current energy to achieve a specific goal.

How to live by the moon:

1.      Learn the Phases and mark them on your calendar:

-        New Moon

-        Waxing Crescent -

-        First Quarter

-        Waxing Gibbous

-        Full Moon

-        Waning Gibbous

-        Last Quarter

-        Waning Crescent

-        New Moon (start the cycle over)

2.      Start to familiarize yourself what it means when the moon is in a certain zodiac sign.

-        Moon in Aries: People tend to be self-focused and egotistical – Impulsiveness - Impatience.

-        Moon in Taurus: Sense of peace and calm, not a time to expect fast reactions.

-        Moon in Gemini: Quick thinking ~ Effective negotiations ~ Clear family misunderstandings

-        Moon in Cancer: Emotions are impulsive ~ Moods prevail over logic ~ Spend family time.

-        Moon in Leo: Express emotion creatively ~ We need attention but so do others ~ Prideful.

-        Moon in Virgo: Calm and peaceful ~ Emotions are real ~ Favorable time to work.

-        Moon in Libra: Analyze emotions ~ Set emotions aside ~ New Partnerships ~ Be impartial.

-        Moon in Scorpio: Strong emotions ~ Overly critical ~ tactless ~ Avoid celebrations or gatherings.

-        Moon in Sagittarius: Strong positive feelings ~ Optimism ~ Good intentions ~ Learning.

-        Moon in Capricorn: Be prudent and conservative ~ Increased concentration ~ Self Control.

-        Moon in Aquarius: Interest in the unconventional ~ Astrology ~ Technology ~ Do not refuse help.

-        Moon in Pisces: Strong Emotions ~ irrational thinking ~ Overly Sensitive ~ Seek solitude.

3.      Keep a moon journal taking note of how people behave when the moon is in different phases.

4.      Plan rituals in advance and add them to your calendar.

-        New Moon: Write down intentions for the month – be reasonable with expectations. Revisit daily until the full moon. This is the energy you want to attract during the waxing period.

-        Waxing Crescent/First Quarter: Anchor those intentions. Meditate on what you are trying to manifest. Practice visualization, affirmations, and journaling.

-        Waxing Quarter: Time of action Any of your intentions yet unfilled, take a step to make it real. Spot the challenges and decide how to move forward.

-        Waxing Gibbous: Pause and reflect. Do not start any new projects. Body, mind, soul time. Bring at least one thing you asked for to the finish line.

-        Full Moon: Time to let it go and soak up the moonlight. Take stock of habits you want to change. Write it down. Take a ritual bath with crystals or moon water to wash away the old. This begins the waning phase of banishing or pushing away the unwanted.

-        Waning Gibbous: Perform banishing spells, protection spells, cleansing rituals and spiritual detox.

-        Waning Quarter or Last Quarter: Continue releasing the old – relationships, situations, and bad habits. A time of clarity and peace.

-        The Waning Crescent: The final lunar phase of the cycle ~ Purify the mind and spirit – perform spells or affirmations for releasing blockages to your personal development. Reread your new moon intention and evaluate how you have changed since you wrote it.

5.      Learn what waxing and waning means and what to do during those times.

-        Note in the phases listed above that the moon travels a complete cycle that starts, ends, and begins again with a brand-new moon. As the new moon moves towards the full moon, I like to think that it is filling up with light.

-        The new moon itself is in darkness. No sun is shining off its surface.

-        The full moon is fully lit or full of light.

-        While the moon is filling up with light or traveling from the dark moon to the fully lit moon, it is in its waxing state.

-        Waxing – think of it as applying polish – it is waxing on light. Waxing is a time to draw something to you as if waxing your skin with lotion. In this case, the moon is applying light and you are going to draw energy toward yourself.

-        After the full moon ends, the light is emptying out heading toward a completely dark or new moon that is starting the cycle over.

-        As the light is emptying out, the moon is waning.

-        When the moon is waning – we are pushing energy away or banishing things, i.e., lighting a candle and asking that the person bullying you be banished from sending you bad experiences or banished from thinking or talking about you.

6.      If possible, learn what your moon sign is on your astrology chart because when the moon is in your sign, you may be very emotional or more intuitive, and you will understand your own feelings better.

7.      Put a bottle of water outside to soak up the full moon light. Use it to spritz your home to rid it of bad energy. Put some in your bath water for your ritual bath. Mix it with essential oils and bless yourself or your children with it in the name of the Goddess or dab it on your wrist for stress relief.

8.      Put crystals outside in the full moon light to cleanse them. This works with anything you feel has absorbed negative energy. A crystal necklace can be recharged under the full moon to protect you and repel negativity.

9.      Take a full-moon retreat once a year to reconnect with spirit.

10.   Build a Moon Goddess altar in a windowsill. Each month dedicate it to a different element or Goddess.

And so much more… your relationship with the moon as a symbol for Spirit is uniquely yours. Learn, grow, be passionate about being happy. Be passionate about your spirituality, it carries you through good times and bad. Believe me, it is a peace that surpasses all understanding.  The label witch is merely a label. Enjoy it to designate the type of spiritual life you live or do not.  It brings me a bit of joy to believe I carry on traditions that have roots with my ancestors, so I feel the label is correct for me. You do not need to name your spirituality at all. Just lift your face to the light of the full moon and feel the healing energy on your skin. That is enough. It will bring you nothing but peace and happiness.

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