The coat of arms of the British Indian Ocean Territory with the inscription (in Latin) "Limuria is in our charge/trust".

Lemuria is believed to have been an ancient lost land that was located in either the Indian or Pacific Ocean. Mystical practitioners that give credence to the existence of Lemuria believe it was a land bridge now sunken, which would account for certain discontinuities in biogeography. There are many proposals for Lemuria’s existence and non-existence by notable figures with compelling evidence in all cases.

Lemuria was a crime-free paradise on earth with abundant food and resources. As the story goes, Lemuria (aka Mu) was the home of an advanced civilization of spiritual beings, often referred to as gods, angels or elementals, as well as human beings. It is hard to imagine what must have happened to bring about such a cataclysmic ending that resulted in its eventual disappearance. There are many theories about what transpired.

Mystery schools teach that the gods manifested physically and created Lemuria to be their home that was shared with humans. It is believed some of these humans knew the capability of Lemurian secrets and eventually took the sacred knowledge and left the society to use the information for personal power. Because these humans failed to live up to the expectations of the gods, they withdrew their guidance from Lemuria, left, and sank the shangra-la into the depths of the ocean. Seekers of Light were dispersed in seven directions carrying the knowledge of the Lemurian mysteries with them. These Seekers would eventually found the civilization of Atlantis (that is another story).

It is widely believed by the esoteric community that the Lemurian beings are still communicating with Earth beings today. A mystic channeler revealed that there were crystals in Brazil encoded with very specific information left for spiritually gifted individuals to discover and learn from. The crystals were located and many people have acquired them and count them among their most prized metaphysical tools. Others claim to communicate with Lemurian Angels receiving divine messages and/or guidance from them for the betterment of mankind.

If you are intrigued, I urge you to do even a small amount of research about Lemuria to decide for yourself if there could be truth to the tales. We know that civilizations have come and gone from this miraculous planet and there is so much knowledge lost or concealed from us that may deserve your consideration. At the very least, the tales of Lemuria and Atlantis are a fabulous adventure of the imagination. If, they are indeed, only in our imagination or perhaps contain shreds of truth.

Be well and happy, until next time…

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