Current Events Tarot Reading Jan. 14, 2022

Earth Hits 6th Warmest Year on Record Today, January 14, 2022

Earth Hits 6th Warmest Year on Record

Today, January 14, 2022, I have chosen a current events news headline in attempt to channel a response from spirit as to its validity. Today’s headline reads: The heat stays on: Earth hits 6th warmest year on record. I will be asking spirit for a guide to step forward that is qualified to respond. I will use various tarot decks as my tool to receive the messages.

This exercise is for your entertainment. I have solid confidence in my ability to be a conduit, via tarot cards, to channel this kind of information. My goal is to document and create a library of what I call “Spirit’s” response to the question I have about the world and its current situation.  It may be good, or it may be nonsense, we will judge the result together.

Today I will be using the spirit within the “Uncommon Tarot” by Shaheen Miro to share an opinion.

Card 1: Nine of Swords

Historically, human beings have always been concerned about the uncertainty of the sun in the sky. Do not let it keep you up at night. Today the concern is not different than the thinking of beings thousands of years ago.

Card 2: The Wanderer, aka the Fool, Rx

This is not a new adventure. Our time, in this moment, is not significant. Pay attention to facts. Deceptive thoughts can lead you astray.

Card 3: Page of Wands, Rx

A message from the guide that has stepped forward: This topic is an example of the pompousness of human beings. I get a very clear feeling that the guide has waved a dismissive hand at me and wants us to know that this thinking is naive and unimportant.

Card 4: Knight of Coins Rx

In the future, this discussion will lose inertia. It is a discussion of our times that will dry up and pass away.

Card 5: The Empress, Rx

Final thoughts from today’s guide – Bring your focus to your own health and well-being. Love yourselves, do not give away your personal power by placing too much emphasis on where others are trying to lead you. Reconnect with your own intuition and let your inner voice tell you if these topics make sense or not.

My summary:  Most of the chosen cards presented as reversed. All this tells me is the tone of the energy is somewhat negative and not in agreement. There was one major arcana card (The Empress) and it was in the position of the guide’s final thoughts. This message would be the most important of the entire reading.

I hope you enjoyed this conversation with spirit. Please remember I am only the messenger. I call it like it presents to me. I cannot argue with the random presentation of the messages, therefore, I cannot debate you about the validity. If you differ with the message, connect with your guides for peace. This writing does not require you to believe in anything. It is for your entertainment. If you would like to add your own interpretation of the cards that presented, I welcome your input as long as it a positive interaction.


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