Blessings for the New Year – 2023

A Tree of Life on a rainbow background

As the new year approaches, many Pagans take this time to pause and reflect. Rich with tradition, Pagans have a long-held practice of offering prayers and blessings for the coming year. These prayers are often centered around health, wealth, and protection from harm.

The New Year is a time for renewal; it is an opportunity to make changes and move forward in life with hope and faith. A Pagan prayer for the New Year may consist of meditating on one’s hopes for the upcoming year or asking for divine guidance through its challenges. Many also include gratitude for past successes or lessons learned throughout the previous year – all building up to a spirit of celebration as we move into what lies ahead.

Blessed be the new year,
May it bring us health, wealth, and joy.
May we be blessed with peace and prosperity,
And may our dreams come true.
May we be kind to one another and help our neighbors in need,
May we be wise and cherish the beauty of the earth.
May we show humility and respect one another’s beliefs,
And may our paths be guided by love.
Blessed be the new year and all that it brings.
So mote it be!