A Beautiful Moment

Winter Squirrel

Today the snow has blanketed the landscape outside my window. Squirrels are frolicking up and down a tree and a woodpecker is dodging them as he waits his turn at the suet feeder. A flock of birds, flying in unison, just maneuvered through the yard in a lovely swoop, off to find another feeder I suppose. The wind is moaning as it too travels around the houses and through the trees. I am forever grateful for this moment and the beautiful evidence that spirit resides in everything; in every season, every backyard, every circumstance.

In this moment of beauty, I ask Spirit to offer you health and happiness, wherever you are. I hope you share the same wonder I feel at the miracle of life on this planet. If life has been more severe and challenging for you and you are finding it difficult to feel grateful, I ask for healing, peace, wisdom, abundance and happiness for you in the coming days and weeks so that you find yourself having a beautiful moment of your own.

Peace be with you…